Turning The Pages Of A Sacred Religion: Wicca

Aruba (4)Who doesn’t want to know the secret behind magic and spells? But, what if you find something that is nothing but “magic.” You may won’t believe, but there are some who claim to experience true magic; a magic which is beyond time and science. One of such forms of magic is “Wicca.”  

Wicca is actually a pagan religion, which is based on diverse ancient pagan   religious theories for its ritual practice. It is primarily and traditionally centered on worshipping Horned God, Moon Goddess and the concept of gender polarity. They have partial faith of spirits and demons, and believe in the nature’s energy. People following Wicca culture,, work with natural energies to help, heal and improve lives of the people or the surrounding. Though Wiccans claim to pose powers, they are strictly against its use to harm other or any living being. They further believe that “whatever we do, gets tripled and comes back to us,” which means an evil deed or wrong action will make you suffer three times more than the deed.

WiccaIn Wiccan culture, the name “witch” is used for the person, who loves nature and uses spells to bring positive changes in people’s lives. He/she uses healing herbs and believes that God is present in every man and woman. They do not act as the descendants of Satan of follow its evil rules. Person or anyone who works with energy or magic to help or save lives is a witch in itself, but a person, who makes wrong use of the energy, loses the right to be called a “Wiccan.”

There may be many misconceptions about Wicca religion. Most of the times, the Pagans are considered to be Anti-Christ and lack moral or ethics. Wiccans clear this myth by saying that “We acknowledge all the deities, who have been worshiped since thousands of years and work in harmony with the nature. We belong to the Pre-Christian religion, not Anti-Christian.”

Wicca religion do not support animal killing or sacrifice and believe in three major components of life: magic- enlightenment and spirituality. They spell “magic” as “magick” to differentiate it from the stage magician, which includes healing, spell-casting, psychic development and divination. Teenagers and many adults often get attracted by their mysterious attire and jewelry and get admitted to a center or any place to learn the Wiccan magic, completely unaware of its actual motto and knowledge.

In said in few words, Wicca is not a cult, but a religion that believes in God, his powers and his creations. They do not do seminars or gathering to increase followers, neither they pressurize or influence anyone’s thoughts to follow the religion. They simply believe that they can make establish contact with the divine and his angles through using their skills and powers for good cause.


Unveiling the Wiccan Laws

Wiccan lawEvery world, whether living or dead, human or magical are bound by some laws of nature.  Laws that are meant to establish and maintain the peace and order between people or two different world and Wiccan laws are no exception to it. There are two major Wiccan laws: Wicca Rede and Law of witchcraft. But, these two laws are made from a group of small and equally important laws, which are required to follow strictly. The laws are as follows:

Thirteen steps followed by a witch:

  1. 1.     Know your true inner self
  2. 2.     Know what you have to do
  3. 3.     Study and learn
  4. 4.     Make use of knowledge with wisdom
  5. 5.     Attain balance between mind, soul and practiced crafts
  6. 6.     Keep the words in order
  7. 7.     Keep good thoughts and open point of view
  8. 8.     Know the meaning of life and celebrate every moment
  9. 9.     Accept the change and change accordingly

10.Breathe and eat good

11.Keep your body active


13.Honor the powers the govern all the activities ( the god and the goddess)

The Wiccan laws:

  1. 1.     The Law of Three
  2. 2.     The Wiccan Rede
  3. 3.     The Laws for constant improvement
  4. 4.     The Laws of Self- Responsibility
  5. 5.     The Law of Attunement

Significance of Wiccan laws:

Wiccan lawAll the laws resemble to the law mighty, the Goddess, the God and the Mother Nature.  The laws conveys various messages which are interlinked to one another. According to the laws, Wicca is not a tribe or caste, but it is a community that believes in free living. The laws say- one should not harm or use the spells to harm any living being. Keep people close and deal every soul with love. The rituals and laws of Wicca do not demand blood or suffering, it asks for love and faith towards the mighty lord.  While practicing Wiccan culture, one should not bring or keep bad thoughts as it can make the bearer weak.  Misery is the kirn of mind and so the joy, there be happy, love nature and be blessed. Do not teach people, what you are unaware of, but teach the best you know and have. A spell casted with love and care always fruits, while one casted with evil thoughts harms in return. 

There are certain rules with powers as well. A witch should not use his/her powers to control others or bring harm in any way. Rather, the powers must be used to protect the distressed and the needy. The can be used for personal gain, but one should not get greedy. It is good, till you are not harming anyone to accomplish your desire. The witch should not accept money for help; taking money is a matter of sheer disgrace for a true Wiccan witch.

The laws are very old and have no records that testify its actual age. One practicing Wiccan culture, need to follow these laws by heart, otherwise his/her powers would not be strong enough to offer fruitful results.  


Powerful Wiccan Spells

Wiccan spells (1)Magic has been always about spells and secret charm. There are many hidden and open communities in the world, which practice sacred magic in one or the other way. Well! Nowadays, there is positive and healing magic is more in trend than the evil ones, but yes! They do exist. One of such communities is Wicca. They make use of spells and charms to draw energy from then nature to help others. Wiccans worship Mother Nature and greater powers have been in existence before Christ.

Wiccans believe that whatever we do to others, it comes back to us. Wiccans spells are related to nature. The Wiccan witches and magicians claim themselves as a part of one community, human (humanity). A Wiccan witch or person who is longing for something or anything special in his/her may use Wiccan spells to gain love, money, power, position, to heal or free one from pain and suffering.

No matter, how powerful a Wiccan spell is, it is bound by the three fold law of the Wicca community. The three-fold Wiccan law says- “If you cast a spell to harm a living being, you’ll not be spared and suffer three times more than the person. These spells are not so hard to adopt, but needs especial care and attention. Wrong spoken spells would not worth desired outcomes.

 Wiccan spells (1)Wiccan spells are based on two concepts, tranquility and harmony. You would be surprised to know that Zen Buddhist ideas are no different from upper level Wiccan spells. Best spells focus on positive emotions and making way for inner happiness, which is often considered as best meditative exercise that leads in finding inner peace. Like prayers, spells also rely on individual’s faith; stronger the faith, stronger would be the spell.

Casting spell is a long process that can involve up to twenty steps; however a spell can also be casted in 8 to 10 steps. But, before any witching, they take a pre consideration test. This is a must step… as it gives you time to think about the action you are going to make. It may include few questions, such as “why are you doing this?;” “Is this needed?;”  “ Are you violating any Wiccan rule?;” “Are you aware about the three-fold law of spells?;” Are you going to harm someone?”  etc.

Even if you willing to help someone never cast a spell against his/her will. You are not supposed to do so, unless anyone asks for it. Sometimes, you might get carried off in emotions, but instead of casting a spell for solution, cast a spell that saves her from getting hurt or being heart -broken.  This may brighten his/her life and save her/him from tragedy as well.

And, if you are new to it and want to adopt this culture, then all you need to do is to get admission in one of the Wiccan schools. These schools teach you spells and charms and most importantly the value of being a Wiccan.